The art of management in the agricultural business sector requires a continuous pursuit for balance between market demand, on the one hand, production requirements, ensuring storage capabilities, efficient transportation, and control of costs, on the other hand. The vision of each manager can be brought to fruition only with the optimum legal support in dealing with commercial partners and authorities, both in periods of expansion or in more turbulent times. Our lawyers’ skills and expertise are extremely relevant in this sector where legal solutions must be offered in a fast and efficient manner so that they are easily implemented. We take pride in believing that our clients are placed under a protective legal shield that is a key contributor to the natural expansion of their business.

Our client portfolio includes some of the largest producers and traders to which we provide complete services in legal consultancy and representation in commercial disputes, enforcement proceedings, and in front of other administrative or even criminal authorities.

We are proud with our acquired experience in concluding specific types of commercial agreements in this sector, such as sales agreements for cereals, seeds and other agricultural products, as well as agreements for collaterals.

Last but not least, our team has experience in matters regarding patents, protection and authorization of certain agricultural inputs and we have a solid practice in defending our client’s rights for industrial property. 

The experience of our lawyers in judicial disputes and before arbitral tribunals covers disputes arising from non-performant commercial agreements, enforcement of collaterals and building the defence strategy for our clients in such cases, including successful enforcement of promissory notes.