Mr. Alin-Ioan Axente

Founding Partner

Mr. Alin-Ioan Axente is a lawyer within the Bucharest Bar since 2009, and has become a formidable litigation lawyer, fully committed to each and every case and has a keen eye for details in the process of carrying out the mandates received from our clients. Mr. Axente has developed our practice in the area of insolvency and debt recovery by using an integrated approach of all available legal possibilities and techniques.Mr. Axente is also an active and well-respected member of academia, from the position of a candidate for a doctoral degree under the coordination of Prof. Corneliu Bîrsan PhD, his scientific undertakings focusing on The annulment of the acts of legal persons and while conducting seminars at the Law School of the University of Bucharest on the subject of Family Law and matrimonial regimes.


  • Insolvency
  • Commercial law
  • Real-estate


  • Doctoral school – Law School, The University of Bucharest (2018 – present day)
  • Master’s degree in Consolidated Private Law – Law School, The University of Bucharest (2009-2010)
  • Bachelor Degree – Law School, The University of Bucharest (2005-2009)